Bookkeeping Made Simple !!

Do you enjoy working with SMEs, small business owners, owner-managers, entrepreneurs? Are you from a more admin / secretarial / pa background - whereby a specific 'bookkeeping franchise' might not fit your skills-set? Are you looking for a mini-franchise / additional service to offer your clients / additional income stream - something which you can do solely FROM HOME??

You may find that joining Boogles as a business partner on the Virtual Office Help division could work very nicely.


If you are a Virtual Receptionist, Personal Assistant (PA), or a VA (Virtual Assistant), who is looking to offer their clients a call minding service - (but haven't quite got the capacity to manage this all yourself) then we could be a good business partner for you. Likewise, if you're offering bookkeeping support, and its overflowing, and you need a bookkeeper for any of your clients (on or off site in the UK) - then we should have a chat.


There are lots of small business owners who will divert their calls to their mobile when they're out of the office OR (worst still) just switch on the answering machine. The Boogles Call Answering Service helps busy owner-managers to run an efficient office.

Our Telephone Answering Service can operate either 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - or just during office hours of Monday to Friday through from 830am to 530pm. Or ad-hoc, divert to us whenever you need to. We take the calls, and then immediately EMAIL and / or TEXT the message across. We can also act as 'information givers' e.g. by saying that you're currently out of the office - and will be back in 'tomorrow afternoon' and then take their message - so that they know not to expect a return call today.

We all know how frustrating it is when we're trying to get through to someone, and they're not answering - so having a human being pick up the phone can do wonders for customer relations.



The set up cost for this 'mini franchise' is £100 plus VAT.

What do you get?

We'd give you a start-up kit, you'd get your own website, 100 leaflets to get you started and you'd be issued with a FREEPHONE number to use for all of your calls.

Whats more - you can offer all of your clients a FREE 30 day trial - and it's a no-risk (to you) and no-risk (to them) invite to try the service FOR FREE for 1 whole month! They can sign up online (or on the phone with you talking them through the steps).


Why not take us up on this offer? TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. Try out our Telephone Answering Service for FREE for 1 month. And if you like the way we've been handing your phone calls - join up as a mini-franchisee and start earning an income.



When you join our mini-franchise Boogles Call Answering Service - we pay you in three ways:
  • An initial introducers fee (£25 - £75) depending on the service they opt for
  • A 'share' (10-33%) of the monthly management fee (£2.50 - £25)
  • A 'share' of what we charge our clients per minute for every single call we take for you
There is just a one-off payment to us of £200 plus VAT (reduced to £100 plus VAT for a limited time), and then £15pm for the website and management.

We'd pay to you a one-off FEE for each sign up, and an ongoing commission (which is residual) and a percentage of their spend - every single month that they're a customer. This can add up.

you want an information pack about the Boogles Call Answering mini-Franchise, i.e. a breakdown of the numbers etc., please fill out this form, and we'll email one across to you today. Or if you have questions, just email:

Note - the Boogles Call Answering Franchise is separate from the Boogles Bookkeeping Franchise.