Bookkeeping Made Simple !!

Credit Card Machine Terminal (mobile)

Ideal for exhibitions, or taking orders over the phone or face to face - people can pay you by credit or debit card.

There's two options you can go for with the machine.


1. Free (via your iphone - see above)

2. Physical card terminal - with an initial (one-off) set-up cost of £99

No ongoing charges... you just pay PER TRANSACTION FEE... (see picture below)

Seriously consider getting one of these, to help your cashflow and reduce the numbers of people who tell you 'a cheque is in the post'. People may not have cash on them, or it might take too much effort for them to go to the bank, or log into their online banking to pay you - but the chances are, people will have their cards on them.

Chip & Pin technology or signed-for

Process: online - get started in 5 minutes.

PDF download info (3 pages)