Bookkeeping Made Simple !!

Why should I buy a franchise?

Franchising is an ideal vehicle for those who want to be part of a brand, and have access to technical and marketing support. We assist our franchisees in all aspects of running and developing a business.

Whats in it for me?

A flexible business opportunity, which can be operated on either a part-time or full-time basis. A Boogles franchise offers the perfect opportunity to work around your own family needs and turn your creative talents into a rewarding business!

Our franchise package provides all the benefits of running your own business, but with all the support and back up of a Head Office and rest of the Boogles franchisee community.

You’ll benefit from our unique tried and tested operating systems and manuals, together with comprehensive initial training, plus a huge start up package containing absolutely everything you need to run your own Boogles company in your area AND all the marketing materials and leads for your service.

What does the Boogles Book Keeping Franchise provide?

Sole rights to operate a Boogles franchise, using the Boogles brand name, copyrighted, tried and tested plans, trademarks in a specified territory, under a renewable 5 year license. Low start up costs with great return on investment.

Comprehensive start up package, including boogles supplies - stationery, leaflets, posters, adverts and database, plus CD of all marketing and admin tools. Operations Manual, Recruitment Manuals for all Levels, absolutely everything you needto run your business.

Ongoing book keeping training, regular and seasonal updates and annual Boogles conference.

Franchisees exclusive online news and forum area – chat with other Boogles Franchisees, swap stories and advice and be part of our exclusive community.

You may run your own business but you’ll never be alone when you’re part of the Boogles family.

What do you do ?

Head Office run National and Regional PR Campaigns and Exhibitions to develop and expand the Boogles brand and customer awareness. Ongoing Head Office support and mentorship in all areas of Boogles business.

Our business is to make your business a success !!

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