Bookkeeping Made Simple !!

Boogles is a funky calculator, with big plans. We are a hero to many.

Why are we different ?

To be a boogle, is to be different. If you are looking for an opportunity that is more than "just bookkeeping" - then we're your people. Boogles is more than just another bookkeeping franchise service, but we have a strong brand, and a character in boogles.

We've written a series of books, we have a maths game and we have a song. We also have the boogles kids club (because we're young at heart).

We're offering the franchisee's access to these products and the royalty receipts of their sales, as part of the franchise deal. Boogles will take this game to the next level. We do want you to become part of the new wave of how bookkeeping as an industry, and bookkeepers as people are perceived in businesses.

We're not boring, dull or stuffy, yet we are bookkeepers. It's time to change this image of boring bookkeeping... bookkeeping has just got interesting....

If you are interested, and want an information pack, please contact us:

How does the franchise work ? (in 3 sentances)

It's easy to set up under the brand - as we have the business in a box and you're just plugged in
2. We do the clients books (on or off site)
3. For those clients who just want "bookkeeping help" - we have a solution 'off the shelf' for them too (bookkeeping books, bookkeeping training, bookkeeping software)

At Boogles, we believe that:

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You can learn by trial and error (very expensive and time consuming if you get it wrong), or you can follow in the footsteps of someone who has already trodden the path... a calculator like Boogles.

We built our model from the ground up. We can help you do exactly the same, except, you can avoid all the errors we made... taking you to success much more quickly. There is a formula for everything.