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"Lots of accountants and bookkeepers claims to be different - it seems that Boogles really is. This book [Bookkeeping Made Simple] really demonstrates the personality of the Boogles team and how trusting an expert can help you run your business much more efficiently."

Paul Green, Publicity Heaven, Feb 2010

"A fantastic book [Boogles & The Mumpreneur] written simply for those of us who are baffled by the books. The great pictures ensure that it's not all figures, figures and more figures. I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. It was my preference after having tried to get to grips with the subject of bookkeeping on the net. I've recommended these books to my bookkeeping club."

Xina Broderick, Natures Parlour, Leeds, Jan 2010

"It's a great little book. [Boogles And The Self Employed Consultant] I've applied the tips from the story into my business. It works!"

Dr Terry Loong, Nu Skin Enterprises, Dec 2009

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